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Our Story

With over 20 years of experience in the road construction industry in Saudi Arabia, AL Masa has built a strong reputation in the road construction industry and is proud to work with some of the leading projects in Saudi Arabia. They are highly qualified & With an experienced team and modern equipment, we will continue to provide excellent service on time, safely and completely.

We give our trained staff the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills and enrich their skills with new equipment, including large facilities that are run in-house from start to finish. The success of Al Masa Constrtions is built upon top management and skilled and motivated staff who are able to complete high quality projects on time with regard to safety, cost and efficiency using the latest equipment.

Road to the future

Al Masa Constructions Vision is construction company in Saudi Arabia. We believe that with our extensive experience, well-trained and experienced team, new technology and in-house equipment, well known by the city of Ryiad, and our aim to make every project to the satisfaction of our clients, we understand this point of view.

Skilled Staffs

Highly skilled and motivated workforce

In-House Production

All road constructions related production are done in-house

Modern Machinery

We use modern machineries for various project activities